Carrier Ethernet

Using Ethernet technology, it effectively allows you to extend your Local Area Network (LAN) into a private, application ready, global WAN. Asympto Ethernet services transports your data across our global network at the speed of light. Whether it’s point-to-point, hub and spoke, or a full mesh Virtual Private Network (VPN), take advantage of large capacity pipes to fit your WAN needs. Trust our reliable MPLS-enabled optical IP network to carry your mission-critical data, giving secure access to the information needed to collaborate in real-time. The service is a cost-effective alternative to traditional private lines and VPNs. In Asympto, we are reaching a set of difficult-to-connect countries in the Central Asia, Middle East and Caucasus region. This is the coverage we have developed further to our continental coverage in Europe. Asympto is providing local loops within the covered footprint through partnership with national communication service providers in the markets we connect to.

Ethernet offers stable and low latency connectivity that can support various time-sensitive applications including storage and video. We support our stringent SLAs with 24/7 proactive monitoring on network status for timely fault isolation and clearance. We won’t wait for incidents to diminish your service. We proactively troubleshoot so that we can offer a high quality of service that delivers performance.