IP Transit

Asympto IP network provides diversified connections to the Internet through all our PoPs. This means that we can guarantee you a high level of international reach through the peering connections we manage with major IP networks in the world and also regional networks in Europe, Middle East and Caucasus area. Bandwidths of up to 10 Gbps are available for global IP Transit and larger capacities could be supplied on multiple interfaces. Asympto is also providing the service not only in its on-net locations but also through local loops in the main metro areas. Asympto’s multi-platform and multi-access infrastructures provide you with a broad range of potential redundancy concepts, guaranteeing you maximum availability and thus optimally meeting individual needs.

Asympto also appreciates the fact that in today’s world, security is among the most crucial factors when networks are connecting to the Internet. So we carefully monitor the measures of trust at an inter-domain routing level to prevent the set of the attacks targeting the reachability of customer networks. This is built into our IP network through a software-defined controller developed in house and waiting for patents to be issued – a concept that we call “Control Plane Outsourcing”.